Different Foot Orienteering Terrains in the World

Orienteering is a kind of sport that gives you a feeling of excitement and intensity that no other sport could provide. And when you start orienteering, it seems like you just cannot stop. Here are top international competitions that you can choose to compete in:


This is an orienteering competition that is held in Sweden. It is a five-day event that features different locations and areas in the country Sweden. This competition is held annually during the month of July. Expect the organizers to buy website traffic for the event because this competition is very popular in the world - which can drive targeted traffic to your website.  Around 10,000 people join and participate in O-Ringen.

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Holland OL

The last Holland OL happened in May. It is a 4-day competition consisting of different classes and courses. The race has four stages occurring in different parts of Holland. Your endurance, stamina, and critical thinking will be tested in the various terrains provided by the country.

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Jukola Relay Race

This is an orienteering race in Finland. Almost 18,000 participants join the event each year. The competition has a rich history, with the first ever race being held in 1949. The name of the race came from a local family surname from the book Seven Brothers.

The challenge with Jukola Relay race is that it starts in the evening and ends in the morning. People who join the event have extra gear with them like headlights to read the map and possibly weather gear depending on the condition the day before.

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Funchal City Race

Another event that is very popular among orienteering enthusiasts is the Funchal City Race. This competition is held in Portugal - you may use the ctrip promotion code visa to avail discounts on your trip. People love to join this event because the organizers intentionally designed the route for the participants to see different historical places in the country. Families can leisurely join the event but serious contestants can still compete to win.