How to Use an Orienteering Thumb Compass

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Two of the most needed tools that you have to bring to the competition are the map and compass. You cannot reach the finish line if you do not know how to trek the route and go from one point to the next. It can be difficult at first but when you get used to it, orienteering can make you feel as if you are doing sightseeing tours in Amsterdam.

The function of a compass

If you have never seen a compass before, it is a relatively small device that is composed of four directions and a magnetic needle that always points you north. The other three directions are east, west, and south. Basically, all compasses have one function. It helps you to go in the right direction.

Beginners’ courses

For trails and treks that are usually marked with white and yellow, the thumb compass is mostly not needed. You can just trace the route of the competition with ease by just looking at the map that you have. Do not attempt to overuse the compass during such contests. But you should have a feel of how to use it just to know what you are dealing with in higher levels of competition.


Using the thumb compass

A thumb compass is created so that it is placed on the thumb and is near the map that you are simultaneously holding.


You can choose the method that fits best with the style of your orienteering. One method is the Silva system. With this technique, you just line up the edge of the compass with the direction that you want to take.

If you have a compass that does not have indicators on where north is, you have to use the blank method. The blank method is usually used by top orienteering athletes who have developed such skills at an elite level. With this procedure, you just have to remember its original position. The good thing with using this kind of thumb compass is that you have fewer details in the interface, making the route determination easier.

It is always recommended that you get an idea of the track that you are dealing with before the competition. As much as possible go to the competition area and survey the terrain. Use Agoda discount voucher code to get good prices on your hotel in preparation for the race.

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