How To Experience Italy?


Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but it seems like most people only go the historic country by virtue of its reputation. Once they get there, they are completely at the mercy of tour guides who likely only had a few weeks of training or tourist traps that only serve to waste their time. If you are thinking about going to Italy, you need to have a good idea of what you want to do once you get there.

The History

Let’s start with the history of Italy, shall we? As the center of what once was one of the world’s biggest empires, the site of the renaissance, home to some of the most influential and talented figures who ever lived, just for a start, Italy has got a lot of history going for it. You could experience a lot of that if you just know which ones are worthy of your attention.

You can start by compartmentalizing which sites you would like to see, or at the very least, what part of history you are most interested in. If ancient Rome is your flavour, the capital city needs to be your destination. If the old families that ruled Italy is more your speed, Venice, Florence, or Naples would definitely be the better choices.

The Culture And Art

There’s a reason why some of the most famous artists in the world are grouped in what is called The Italian Masters. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Donatello, these are just some of the historic figures that helped shape Italy’s fate. Of course, this is simplifying geopolitical and historic events by quite a lot, but their influence is still undeniable.

Then there is the culture of Italy itself, which is both diverse and homogenous in ways that few other nations are. There is simply something about how Italians live their lives that put it in stark contrast to everyone else. If you are interested in either or both of these things, it would definitely be worthwhile to divide your time between museums and visiting local hangouts.

The Food

While the French might argue that theirs is the best food in the world, few other cultures can claim to have achieve as much proliferation with their cuisine as the Italians. Everywhere you go, there is always some version of pasta or pizza, or some form of dish with tomato sauce. Of course, authentic Italian food is always going to be in Italy, which is why going there to experience the more traditional dishes of the country is really your best option.

If this is your reason for visiting Italy, it’s best to go beyond the bigger cities. Visit tiny towns instead or cities that aren’t as hot in terms of tourist crowds. Real Italian food is usually found in places where the Italians have not been mixed too much with the rest of the world.

The Change In Atmosphere

Finally, if all you are after in going to Italy is a change in atmosphere, you can pretty much go anywhere in the country you like. It’s really hard to argue when someone says that Italy is almost like a world of its own, completely separate from the goings on in the rest of the world.

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