1. What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a type of competition where skills in navigation, resilience in running, critical thinking, and stamina are required. You race from point to point until you reach the finish line.

  1. What are type types of orienteering?

You have a lot of options if you want to be a participant in the orienteering sport. You can join foot orienteering, bike orienteering, car orienteering, mountain orienteering, and mounted orienteering. The differences between the events lie on either the type of machine you use when you move in the race or the type of terrain that the competition is going to be conducted.

  1. What governing rules do you implement in orienteering?

The governing rules for the World Orienteering Championships are based on the established policies of the International Orienteering Orientation.

  1. Who can join orienteering?

Anyone can join the event. But you have to ask yourself whether you are physically ready for it. You also have to know how to navigate maps quickly. The orienteering sport relies on fast movements and navigation skills.

You will need to fill out the event form containing your personal information and pay the required fees.

  1. How do I sign up if I want to be a contestant of orienteering?

You have to first know the schedule of events through our website. Check out the list of local and international events through our reviews and tech blogs. After determining the date and location of the event that you want to be part of, you can click on the links that will bring you to specific competition pages along with the application form to be filled up. You

  1. Where is orienteering held?

World Orienteering Championships is held in different parts of the world. Your schedule will be packed for the whole year. It just depends on the country that you want to be in a particular month of the year. Some of the countries that have orienteering competitions include the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Malta, France, Italy, Ukraine, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, and Australia.

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