Types of Orienteering That You Can Be Part of

Orienteering is a kind of sport that tests your wits, your mental toughness, and your physical capacity to endure the difficulty of the route. You navigate your way through the competition while making sure that you safely pass from point to point in order to complete the race - unlike so with edarling dating site which you just have to enroll online.

What are the types of orienteering which you can take part in?

Foot orienteering

As the name implies, this is a foot race from start to end. The participants of the competition start the race at different times and navigate the route based on the map that is given by the organizers. The race has a number of control points where the racers must pass in an order that is specified for the competition.

The challenge here lies on the type of terrain that the competition has. Some even have steep mountain slopes, huge trees, and large grass.

MTB orienteering

This type of orienteering is gaining popularity both on mountain bike hobbyists and orienteering athletes. The route and terrain are still the same as foot orienteering but the participants of the competitions are riding a mountain bike from start to finish.

They also bike on intervals and use a map to navigate their way toward the finish line. Make sure that you wear all the right safety gear to protect yourself throughout the race. Some terrains can be very tough to overcome.

If you are just a beginner and do not have the budget yet, you can rent a bike in Amsterdam and other European competitions or simply join an Amsterdam city walking tour to practice your endurance. If you want a bike of your own and want to save on products, you can use online shops voucher codes.

Trail orienteering

Accurate navigational skill is the name of the game when it comes to trail orienteering. The main difference of this type of orienteering from others is that there is no point to point navigation. The winner of the event is not the fastest to finish but the most accurate identification of control points on the map.

People with disabilities can join this event because winning the competition is heavily based on knowing which marked flag is the right decision point.