Best Places In Italy To Visit If You Love Food



Italy is famous for a lot of things but to most people, the country is most well-known for its food. Italian cuisine is practically everywhere these days, from the humble spaghetti and pizza, to more complicated offerings. That’s why for many of the tourists who travel all the way to this historic Mediterranean nation, their reason has a lot to do with the top destinations in Italy for food lovers. This will be the topic for today.
If you’re looking for excellent Italian cuisine that’s about as authentic as it can possibly get, your first stop will have to be Parma. Although Italians might argue about which city or town serves the best Italian food, a lot of critics, researchers, and fanatics have concluded that Parma is the capital of Italian cuisine.
From the iconic Parmigiano cheese to the Prosciutto di Parma, Parma is where you want to go if you don’t want to walk more than a few blocks to find the next restaurant or bistro to try out. Parmigiano Reggiano is especially perfect in this quaint little town, offering varying ages and intensity in flavour. Top your pasta with it or just eat it straight with a good glass of red wine.
Torino was basically the center of power during the Savoy dynasty and this has allowed considerable influence from French cuisine to mix into the local dishes in the city. Even now, this fusion of French and Italian traditional cooking is permeable and anyone who knows anything about food will immediately recognize just how sweet this combination is.
You’ll likely find the town’s fondues to be incredibly satisfying, and the same goes for the wine-stewed meats. Pasta has a weaker presence in Torino, but the risotto and polenta are quite the attraction in their own right. Anyone with a sweet tooth should keep a lookout for the town’s exquisite truffles as well and the many chocolate stores in this city are perfect sources of tasty souvenirs.
The phrase farm-to-table has gotten quite popular in recent years and this concept could not apply better than to Puglia. This region is where a lot of Italy’s fresh produce come from, including tomatoes, olives, wheat, and fruits that are as famously Italian as anything else. In addition, you can expect the vino from this place to be of the highest quality, so there’s that to look forward to.
What’s more, if you truly want to experience actual Mediterranean cuisine, Puglia is as traditional as it gets. The city’s dishes puts a lot of focus on vegetables, legumes, and seafood. You’ll also find handmade pasta in the city that are made without eggs, which is something that a lot of people prefer.
Although a popular tourist destination because of its historic significance and the three royal palaces in the city, Naples is a hub of Italian food in ways that Rome or Venice could only envy. If you want to try everything Italian without having to go all over the place, you want to go Neapolitan. The fact that it just happens to be a gorgeous city by the Mediterranean Sea can be considered a substantial bonus.

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