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This website is a dedicated platform for fans, supporters, and participants of the orienteering sport. Our goal is to provide you with the latest news, best reviews, and the most detailed schedules of orienteering competitions.

Established during an Amsterdam holiday inside the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, this website continues to bring top articles and content to people who love the sport of orienteering. Five long-time friends saw the need to build a website that orienteering athletes can benefit and take advantage of. And after a lot of discussion inside cheap Amsterdam hotels -  at the goedkope hotels Amsterdam vondelpark to be specific; the website concept is finally born.

Orienteering fans can use our website to:

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Find out about what is happening in the sport of orienteering. See highlights of the various competitions that are going on around the world. Check out the latest updates on the International Orienteering Federation officials, news, and changes in its rules and regulations.

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For those who are just beginners in the sport, you can use our website to find the best deals on orienteering products. Take advantage of the coupon codes and voucher codes that our partners endorse - and the flight prices too along with last minute hotels discount code. Compare prices of items like navigation devices, shoes, apparel, and other gear when you shop online.

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