Orienteering is more of a lifestyle than just another sport. You live orienteering. You breathe orienteering. And you seek to compete and be part of as many orienteering competitions as possible, not just because you want to win, but because you want to feel the exhilaration and excitement that govern the terrains of these events.

Orienteering is getting your heart pumping faster, your adrenaline turning into boost mode, and your mind focusing on the right strategy to implement. Orienteering is a sport that not many people become part of. But for those who try this type of competition, it is an enormous feat to continuously push themselves and strive to be greater and better.

This sport does all of these and more.


Fans of the sport

This website is geared toward the fans of the sport. You are the ones that make the sport as popular as it is right now. Orienteering is not for the weak-hearted. This sport is for those who have the determination to accomplish tasks, skills to compete, and the will to finish the race. These are the same characteristics that our website visitors have and show fellow fans.

We chose to build a website for orienteering because we saw the lack of authority sites that talk about orienteering. You can find news and search results online about the sport. Online shops like Lazada and Zalora sell orienteering gear and apparel. But no site exists that has the authority and the integrity to write about everything related to orienteering.

The love for the sport

Orienteering is a sport wherein the participant holds a compass and a map as he navigates his way from one control point to another until he reaches the finish line. Around 10 to 20 thousand people join every competition year after year. Each one starts their run at intervals from one another. The finalists are determined based on the time they actually finish the race.


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